About Me

My name is Amber Shown, I live in Indiana with my husband, Thomas and our beautiful little boy, Landon. I love owning my own business and showing people that living healthy is EASY! I have been using It Works products for a year now and I love them! I am down 10 pant sizes (using these products along with a healthy diet & exercise) and I feel great!! Now I can’t keep quiet about it and I want to share it with the world!!
If your interested in the products you see in this blog or want to know more about how YOU can own your own business email me!

**We currently are shipping to: USA, Canada, England, Wales, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, France, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland & Netherlands with more to come soon!**

About IamWrapXfit:
~IamWrapXfit: Where My Two Worlds Collide~

I (me) am Wrap (Wraps and other products with It Works) Xfit (short for Crossfit)
I love what I do, and I love Crossfit! Simple as that, I wanted to created a name that was different from other people and one that was true to myself and my way of life. Wraps started my weight loss journey & Crossfit is helping to maintain it!

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