~ Building An Empire ~


I’m building an Empire! Sounds crazy right? I know. But hear me out.

While your alive, do you want to get by until your gone? Or do you want to LIVE? I for one, want to live! Live the best possible life with my husband and my son. And like many things in life, the best things in life you have to fight for. I fight for my family, I fight for my company and most importantly…I fight for myself!
So this Empire I am building is full of people who are like-minded. People who don’t just want to be alive, but people who want to LIVE! I joined this company with that exact thought…I’m joining a company. When in fact what I was doing (though I didn’t realize it at the time) was building my very own Empire through the company that was now mine.
It Works Global has done SO much good, but the best thing they have done for me, is shown me that this is MY company, its MY Empire and its MY legacy that I am leaving for my son.

So I must ask you this, if someone walked up to you and said ‘If you follow three simple steps every month, you can make $100,000 or more a month’ what would you say? Because THAT is how we do it! And that’s how EASY it really is!

Step 1. Join The Party
Step 2. Gather 4 Customers
Step 3. Gather 3 People Who Want To Join You

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. No minimum sales, no maximum earnings.
This isn’t just joining another sales company, this starting a business for yourself but not by yourself!!

If this sounds like something you want, let’s do Step 1 today!

I am currently taking Distributors in the following Countries (if your Country isn’t on this list, ‘Follow’ my blog and I will let you know as we expand!)

$99 USD to start LIVING your life! Worth it? I thought it was! We had to miss an electricity payment just so I could join because I believed that this was our ticket our of poverty, debt and just being alive. I was RIGHT!


** Inc 500 magazine! 2012 Revenue $200 million! Number of Corporate Employees 58! Three Year Growth 1,047.2%!! Number of Distributors World-Wide less than 6,000!!
PS we surpassed that Revenue by June 2013!!!! **


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